The Missing Readers - That's a 1.3 billion dollar question

12:51 AM / Posted by Andy Harjanto /

Globalization is one of the topics that I’m passionate about. I grew up in the eastern part of the globe, and have spent the other half of my life in the western part. I was lucky enough to work with many different people around the world. In my 14 years with Microsoft, right here in Redmond, WA, my teams almost always resembled a united nation team. Often time, I had to work virtually with people from Asia, Europe, span over 3-4 different time zones. This trend continues as I co-founded We’re a small startup globally working together every day. With this experience, I come to appreciate diversity and how diverse ideas give us unique perspectives globally.

Along the line, I notice is that unbelievable useful amount of information such blogs isn’t consumed by many people in other countries. Culture, communication barriers may be to blame, but they should not stop us from sharing wonderful information.

The presentation below describes challenges and opportunities for us to reach the other side of the world. As we shift toward to “democratized” the Internet, these challenges should be addressed.

Our requirements to address challenges are pretty simple, yet it could be complex to implement – find the lowest common barrier to allow people around the world to consume and produce user generated contents that universally understood by large number of population, not just the elites.

I hope we can all together take, even a few small steps, to address these issues. Please comments, I love to hear your thoughts.

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