Cloud Computing Explained - in Pictures

2:04 AM / Posted by Andy Harjanto /

I just got back from PDC 2009 in Los Angeles. We’re ( grateful to Microsoft for inviting us to join in a few activities at PDC. It was a blast. As you know, this year PDC Conference was dominated by the Azure announcements . At the same time, we announce the availability of Guppers Cloud Beta which is running on Azure. I really had a great time connecting to many people from press, analysts, ex co-workers, bloggers and many others.

As the news and opinions trickled down, I read a few comments on each article. I was amazed how widespread misconceptions about cloud computing are. Some people were afraid that their PC becomes obsolete, some were afraid that their IT jobs are in jeopardy, some were afraid of paying cloud providers a big amount of money every month and giving up their privacy.

As, I waited at the LAX airport to board for my flight back to Seattle, I pulled the free-PDC-give-away laptop and thought – “What would it be a better way to spend this time than trying out this Acer laptop, Office 2010 Beta and started working on the slide deck, hoping to clear up some confusion”. Well, I was also lucky that Virgin-America flight had free wi-fi that I was able to complete half thru my slide-deck; and finally thanks to Seattle weather (rain, rain and rain – what else?), I completed the slide deck titled “I’m Cloud Confused”. So here it is….

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