Recap: Startup Lessons Learned for 2010 and Beyond

10:23 AM / Posted by Andy Harjanto /

There are many excellent blogs that discuss, in great length, how to run startups. This blog is not meant to repeat and augment those blogs; instead I would like to share my personal experience. For the past few months, I post a few blog posts about startups, ranging from how to run the startup globally, how to design product, how to run the startup team and more. I put together all my lessons learned into one single slide deck.

There are a few shifts that make starting one is much more interesting journey than decade ago:

1) With open source, cloud computing, and much better tools and modern languages, development costs are reduced dramatically.

2) With the pervasiveness of social media, social networking, the cost of distribution is also much lower.

3) Globalization increases your market size. In some countries, you can offer your product or services as is without modifications or localization. In other countries, you'll have to do a lot more to penetrate the market.

4) Competition. Almost any imaginable product/service, someone has already built it. When you enter a market, be prepared to compete with many others. Product differentiation is critical. If you don't stand out, you'll be buried soon.

However besides all of these at the end of the day, does your solution really solve their problems effectively; or you're smart enough solving a problem that they're not aware exists.

The presentation below captures many lessons learned that I hope you can benefit from it. Enjoy!

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